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Myosin Home PageMyosin Home Page

Contains very useful background information about myosin biochemistry and motility, some nice stories about myosin history, a list of people working in the field, and outdated ;-) information about myosin phylogeny, classes and accession numbers.

Ken Holmes' Home PageKen Holmes' Home Page

From the inventor of the use of synchrotron radiation for protein crystal diffraction experiments. Provides basic texts about fiber diffraction theorie and muscle contraction.

Bruce Pattersons Home PageBruce Pattersons Home Page

Lifely description of the use of mutants to gain insight into myosin functions. Discusses several motor domain mutants in great detail and their impact to the mechanochemical cycle.

Calmodulin related proteins

EF-Hand Calcium-Binding Proteins Data LibraryEF-Hand Calcium-Binding Proteins Data Library

Provides a lot of general and structure-related information about EF-hand motif containing proteins. The page lists many links to other sites providing information about calcium-binding proteins. The database mainly contains mammalian (and especially human) proteins and does not seem to have been updated for years.

Cymobase Content

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