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Species list

Find information about all species in diArk, including their complete taxonomy, alternative scientific names, commmon names, and anamorph-teleomorph mating types of certain fungi. Where possible, additional information about different sequenced strains of the same species and differences between closely related organisms has been added.


Protein Information

Find general information about Cymobase's proteins, their class distribution and domain organisations. The page also contains short historical reviews about the discovery of the various protein classes. A detailed version tracking record lists all changes to the sequence content of the corresponding proteins.

Sequencing Centers / Species Home Pages

List of Projects

Index of all species sequencing projects of all sequencing centers, and species/taxa home pages that provide access to nucleotide data. Information about the kind of data (genomic DNA, EST/cDNA) as well as the status of the projects (completed or unfinished) is included.


List of Publications

List all publications corresponding to species. The database mainly contains publications linked to PubMed but also those derived from journals that are not tracked by PubMed.

Cymobase History

History of the Content of the Database

Evolution of Cymobase's content represented by several important statistics given in biannual intervals.

Cymobase Content

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