General Guidelines

Conditions of use

It has not escaped our notice that our data is useful beyond providing a reference set for nomenclature and classification. Instead of finishing all analyses we have in mind before making our data available, we consider the availability of the data of the CyMoBase as useful service to the community that hopefully will initiate and strengthen research. When using data from the CyMoBase please adhere to the guidelines given below. In case of extensive misuse we might consider closing the database.

Guidelines on use of data

We make the motor and cytoskeltal protein data we obtain available for public use almost as soon as it is generated (see our data release policy). However there has been a considerable investment in acquiring these data, and we request that you follow these guidelines when using preliminary data obtained from this web site.

Sequence data

As well as finished analyses, that you might acknowledge by citation of the appropriate primary literature, we also make unpublished analyses available. Users of unpublished analyses from the CyMoBase should not publish or otherwise disseminate the information without appropriate acknowledgement. Please either cite our publication of the CyMoBase or use the following sentence:

"These sequence data/analyses were produced by the CyMoBase team at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and can be obtained from ""."

Please ensure that you use the latest available version of the corresponding protein analysis. In the interval between the first release and the time of your visit, possible errors might have continuously been discovered and corrected.

If you have any questions regarding the data or their use in publications, please contact us. We strongly encourage you to get in touch, so that we can let you know of any related data and inform you when further data is released, and we can ensure that published information relating to our sequences is properly reflected in our database.

The CyMoBase team plans on publishing the completed analyses in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. These analyses include investigations on whole protein or taxa scale, as well as analyses of single classes of the superfamilies. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence data on an organism or taxa scale.

Domain analysis

Domain analyses data should be regarded as preliminary, and are subject to regular update and change. It is recommended, therefore, that users carry out appropriate confirmatory checks on the CyMoBase. This is due to changes in the domain profiles as more sequences are accumulated. The CyMoBase team plans on publishing the completed analyses of certain domains in peer-reviewed journals as soon as the domain profiles get stable.

If a domain figure is reproduced in a publication, the figure legend should include an explicit statement concerning the source of the information.

Large-scale protein sequence analyses/Statistics

The CyMoBase team plans on publishing results of major updates from time to time in a peer-reviewed journal.

If a figure or data from our statistics pages is reproduced in a publication, the figure legend or table should include an explicit statement concerning the source of the information.


The CyMoBase team provides these data in good faith, but makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any purpose for which the data are used.

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